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Master of Business Administration
The graduate program is titled as Masters of Business Administration (MBA). Utopia’s online MBA is aimed at producing professionals in managerial/ leadership positions across a wide range of organizations from the public and private sectors to Non-Governmental Organizations and small businesses. This program is ideal for those who are keen to accelerate their careers, and want to gain relevant and up-to-date skills and knowledge of current issues in business and management informed by leading edge research and practice in the field.
With this program students will develop an understanding of globalization and international business, acquire a multi-disciplinary perspective of organizations, and explore strategies that foster innovation and creativity. Prospective graduates will also broaden their understanding of the organization by adopting a holistic approach to business that encompasses the stakeholder perspective, as well as ethical and corporate social responsibility practice and policies.
The fast-growing global economy is dictating business firms to depend their future on proper knowledge management. Ethiopia is no exception. Therefore, managing the business organizations in such unstable environment will be very tough for traditional managers as they cannot scan the environment especially the external business environment. To increase the efficiency and profitability of business organizations, the undertakings should use the graduates of MBA for they are exposed to different trainings which could give them analytical ability in decision making.
The MBA program gives the graduates with valuable knowledge about business establishment and all its related aspects. The students learn about business strategies and concepts, not only theoretical but also the training and internship required in MBA courses. These skills help the graduates to use the resources effectively and economically to bring about the productivity and profitability there by considerably increasing the efficiency of the concern. The purpose of the program is to generate all rounded professionals who can scan the business environment and adjust their business to the dynamic environment accordingly and prepare the business to exploit the opportunities thereby aggressively combating the threats in the external environment.

Total credit hour
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to be completed with 36 credit hours which is equivalent to 84 ECTS. The program includes 10 courses and a thesis work.
Program Duration
This proposed MBA is a full two years (or four consecutive semesters) program. Most courses are given with in two semesters in a year. During the first two semesters, students will do course work. In the third semester they will register for thesis/research project proposal. In their last or the fourth semester students will fully undertake their thesis work. While thesis research is purely knowledge oriented, a research project inclines to applied research type with a problem-solving objective.
No student candidate may anticipate finishing a program in less than on and a half academic year. In a situation where a student is not able to complete the program in two years, extension on the duration of study may be allowed if the student brings formal request for extension. There will be an additional two years of extension if allowed by the College’s academic commission as per the College legislation.
Mode of Delivery
The courses are delivered online via Online Campus (an interactive online learning environment) with intensive class discussion and collaboration. The course or module’s learning resources will be delivered via the institution’s online learning environment or platform.


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